The New Way to Transfer

The process for transferring calls has changed. Find out how to direct and consult transfer on your HiHi deskphone.

Personalise your HiHi deskphone

Similar to your smartphone, personalise your HiHi with your own homescreen wallpaper, widgets and log in to your Google account to access emails, photos and download apps!

Sync your Outlook contacts on HiHi2

Make HiHi2 work smarter for you! Your deskphone has a range of features available to maximise productivity and help you get the most out of your working day.

Work from Home with HiHi Connect

With many of us working remotely, ensure you can continue to remain available with HiHi Connect.

This mobile apps is available to all HiHi2 users.

Using HiHi Connect

Stay connected to others with HiHi Connect!

HiHi Connect is an app that uses your mobile as an extension of your HiHi2. Learn more about it today.