Download the new HiHi Connect 2 app!

Update your HiHi Connect app today!

A new version of HiHi Connect is available in your relevant app store for you to download! We’ve listened to feedback on from the previous version, and have made several improvements to help you communicate more effectively.

New Features

Some of the newest features included on HiHi Connect 2 are shown below:

Add to Call (Conferencing)
The Add to Call feature allows you to add contacts from your phonebook to an existing call, to initiate a conference call. Though the process needs to be repeated, you can add multiple contacts to the same one call.

Please note: the ability to add a person by dialing their number in the keypad (non-phonebook contact) will be introduced soon.

Multiple Active Call Handling
In this new release, you can easily switch between multiple active calls without leaving your current call screen. When you switch from one active call to another, calls are automatically placed on hold.

Call Pulling
We have provided the ability to seamlessly pull a call from your HiHi onto your mobile; allowing you to go somewhere more private, if necessary, or simply continue your call away from your desk.

The best method for this is to click on the HiHi logo in the top-left of the screen, and select ‘Pull’ to pull a call across.

You can also pull a call within the Settings menu. Click on your Profile in the top-right of the screen, and scroll down to the Connectivity section, and select ‘Pull call from HiHi2’.

Upgraded Features

We’ve also upgraded some of the features previously in HiHi Connect, to help improve their usability.

Transferring Calls
We’ve improved the process when transferring calls. When on a call, you can easily select between two options; Consult First or Transfer Directly. Choosing Consult First allows you to talk to the recipient before transferring the call across.

Contact Separation
In this update, we’ve also improved your ability to separate your company contacts from your personal contacts. When you search for a contact you can either see everyone in your combined phone book(s), just your work contacts, or just those from your personal life.

General Upgrades

  • A more seamless switch between the front and rear facing camera
  • Better quality video (on video-enabled calls)
  • Simplified voicemail access within the app
  • Directly transfer a call to a colleague, without needing to speak beforehand
  • Enhanced the Presence feature to allow you to see colleague availability
  • Your HiHi Connect username and password saved on iOS devices
  • Shake your device to update your contact list

Your username and password for HiHi Connect 2 remain the same. Once logged in, you can remove the previous app from your device.

You can find the guide for HiHi Connect 2 by clicking here.