HiHi2: New Visual Voicemail

From October, an update to your HiHi2 will be released, which will include improvements to the built-in Voicemail app.

HiHi2 contains its own Voicemail app to give you an easily accessible place to manage your voicemails. The app has been updated with a new look and includes some new features within it!

Easily scroll through messages

With visual voicemail, you can now easily scroll through saved messages to hear back the important parts.

When you first open the app, you’ll be shown the new ‘homescreen’ for your voicemails, with a list of all your personal voicemails.

When you tap on a message, the message details will appear to the right of the screen. You can easily tell which message you have selected as it will be highlighted in green.

The selected message will show it visually as a soundwave, making it easy for you to to track through the message using the timeline underneath.

Manage your voicemail messages with a simple swipe

You can easily manage your saved voicemail messages with a simple swipe! By swiping right, you can change the status of a message as read or unread, helping you to stay on top of your latest messages.

Once you are ready to delete a message, you just need to swipe left to delete it.

When you have selected a message, icons are listed underneath the timeline. The envelope icon shows the status of the message either as Read or Unread; a message will automatically change to ‘read’ after a few seconds in once listening to it. The Call Back icon is available for messages with a saved number and will not work for private numbers.

You can delete a message using the icon and a notification will appear at the bottom to state that you have deleted it. An option will also be shown to undo the delete, however this will disappear after a few seconds.

All your voicemail inboxes in one app

If you have multiple voicemail inboxes, you can easily switch between them within the app. In the top-right of the Voicemail app is your inbox avatar. If you have multiple inboxes, tap on the circle and it will list other voicemail inboxes you have access to.

Each inbox will list if you have any new voicemail messages, so you can easily check for messages before switching between them.


In the top-right of the Voicemail app are 3 dots, clicking this will show your Settings. The Settings include a few options, much like previous:

Display new voicemail notifications: You can easily toggle whether Voicemails show in the Notification Bar and against the Voicemail app on your homescreen.
Automatically mark as read: This will automatically mark a message as read once played.
Automatically play messages: This will toggle whether the messages play as soon as they’re tapped, or whether you need to manually press the play button.
Continue to play audio messages when minimised: This will toggle if the audio continues to play if you move away from the Voicemail app.

To learn how to check for software updates, read more here.